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Garden Radiance Table Top Heater in Black
BTU's: More Than 11,000. Push button ignition for easy lighting. Heating Range: Can Heat up to 175 sq/ft (15 ft. Radius). Dome Diameter (Reflector): 20.8 in.. Pole Diameter & length: 1.9 in. Dia x 9.4 in. L. Construction: Stainless Steel Burner and Heating Grid with Black Finished Body. Fuel Type: Propane or Butane Gas Only. Black finish. Assembly required. Burner Unit: 7 in. D x 11 in. H. Base Diameter: 13.3 in. x 1.98 in. H. Overall Height: 34.6 in. H. Weight: 20 lbs.. Dependable solid state easy-light push button ignition system never requires batteries or outside power of any kind, to light...
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50 Gallon Taupe Resin Rain Barrel w Drain Hose & Debris Filter
Save money on your water bill when you install this ingenious fifty-gallon rain barrel. Clever design features a filter lid to keep out leaves and debris while catching gallons of water for your plants and garden. Taupe finish barrel includes a bronze finish lid and drainage and overflow hoses. Durable resin finish is made to last. For holding and catching rain water. Capacity holds up to 50 gallons of water. Durable resin construction. Includes drain hose for water usage. Includes shut off valve for hose hook up. Overflow hose doubles as connector hose. Debris filter keeps leaves and yard waste...